Laughter is the best medicine and secret of remaining healthy

Published: 02nd September 2007
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Funny joke is the way to making laughter among your friends circle or if you are in some get-togethers and parties. Most of the time, jokes are cracked with your friends having an enjoyable moment with each other and having an enormous laughter along with you.

It is a great opener for a speech in a social gathering. Laughter is the best medicine and very often telling someone who is sick, a funny joke gets them laughing and for a minute or two they forget about their illness.

Jokes are supposed to be funny and make people laugh. There are all kinds of jokes, such as riddles, poems, stories, pictures all with the same result laughter. When a person tells a funny joke, this often refers a memory in someone else and pretty soon, you have a whole room of people telling jokes.

If you decide to use laughter as a therapeutic method, the first obvious issue is that there are no harmful side effects, and you've got nothing to lose. The second issue is that you can actually improve your sense of humor in time, same as any other skill or ability. Next time you go to the movies, buy a ticket for a comedy, no matter how dumb the poster looks. When you read the paper, don't forget to check out their daily cartoon too. Spend ten minutes every day reading jokes, and, when you find something funny, share them with your friends. Last but not least, try to find the funny side of the small things that happen every day around you. There is always something stupid going on right near you, which may give you some minutes of good laugher, which in turn may unblock some arteries and keep the heart attack far away.

So, better way to live happy and enjoying life is to read jokes and share it with your friends. This will obviously keep you healthy and happy. is the portal with the biggest collection of really funny jokes.

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